Dabur Honey has made several small contributions to the lives of many Indians for over 3 decades. Dabur India Ltd is India's largest branded honey maker and Dabur Honey has always been the preferred choice of consumers when it comes to Pure Honey, and it is this love that has made Dabur Honey not only one of the Best Honey Brands in India but also one of the Best Honey Brands in the World.

After being sourced from various beehives, raw honey is tested on various parameters; including adulteration. After these tests, honey is blended in the right proportion to get that perfect texture, aroma, taste and colour. Before sealing the various Dabur Honey bottles, they are sterilized. And this is why when it comes to best honey brands in India.

We believe, every individual should take advantage of the various benefits of pure honey by making it a part of their daily routine. Honey is a pretty amazing substance and there is a lot more to it than its sweet taste. For thousands of years it has been used by mankind in many capacities to help the human body energy and health.

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Dabur Honey - All Benefits Of Honey In A Teaspoon

Useful In Weight Management

Helps increase the metabolism, which in turn helps reduce weight faster.

Strengthens Immune System

Its antioxidants and bacteria-fighting assets also help against fighting infections that are caused by viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Nourishes Your Skin And Face

Has moisturizing and nourishing properties. Being a natural antiseptic, it is also useful for treatment of wounds, bruises, cuts, burns and other infections.

Boosts Your Memory

Consumption of honey prevents metabolic stress and helps calm and soothe the brain, which helps in augmenting memory in the long run. The natural antioxidants and therapeutic properties in honey help in boosting brains’ cholinergic system and circulation and receding cells that cause memory loss.

Home Remedy For Cough

Honey is known to be one of the best home remedies for dry cough as well as wet cough. Consuming a tablespoon of honey can reduce irritation in the throat.

Natural Home Remedy For Dandruff

Provides nourishment to the scalp

Used For Healing Wounds

It has antibacterial, antifungal, and antioxidant properties that aids in wound healing

Acts As A Natural Sleeping Aid

Consumption of honey helpsin inducing sleep

Eases Sinus Issues

A natural anti-bacterium and anti-septic that helps to clear the infections and reduce inflammations. Honey also soothes throat and reduces coughs and strengthens the immune system thereby causing less sinus attacks.

Helps With Gum Diseases

Teeth and gum diseases like gingivitis, bleeding and plaque can be treated to a great extent with the regular use of honey. Provides instant relief from pain and inflammation and other periodontal diseases.

Natural Energy Drink

Honey is known as an excellent source of natural energy as the natural unprocessed sugar present in it enters the bloodstream directly and this in turn can give a quick boost of energy.

Prevents And Helps Control Eczema

Regular use of honey prevents eczema from occurring or coming back again.
Dabur Honey


How To Use

Drip it

Mix it with warm water

Stir it

Stir in green tea

Spread it

Spread on toast

Squeeze it

Add to cornflakes/ desserts/shakes

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